Our mission

The Q Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that works wherever help is needed. Our foundation is: initiating, supporting and creating activities for the development of creativity and creativity, knowledge society and culture of coexistence.

Our projects had their beginning in 2018 with the idea of the Museum of Stories, and with the passage of time came the moment to undertake further activities, such as: QulturaFest or numerous open-air photography events. We have managed to organise numerous charity events, as well as initiating activities that have supported the local community. We also carry out our tasks by conducting workshops, examinations and qualification support for the unemployed. Over the years of our activity we have been part of music festivals, including Folkowisko, Rozypaniec and Cieszanów Rock Festival, and we are currently co-creating the City NGO town at the most recent one, the current CieszFanów Festival.

We try to ensure that each of our intentions is applied to current social situations, so at the moment our offer is focused on classes for Ukrainian refugees, we run language and computer classes, through the Start in IT series, we organise collections for the UA and we actively cooperate with the Daria Sayed Foundation. We try not to slow down because there is still a lot to do, which is why we regularly organise concerts in the Pulse of the Forest series, we are a partner of the Solidarity Corps and we work for the Parasol Group.

What sets us apart from other organisations is our unconventional treatment of culture as a medium through which we can communicate our aid even more effectively. We have always and have always relied on people; it is they who make up the Q Foundation, and it is thanks to them that our activities find their intended end and that our support reaches those who need it most.